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Are you working with a struggling learner?


Are you working with a struggling learner? I have developed a unique diagnostic program that will reveal where the learning process is breaking down for your child and will train the parent in using the corrective steps that will help overcome the child’s processing “glitch”.

I also offer educational and nutritional counseling that will dramatically improve your child’s learning and behavior.

Inside this website you will find free articles and videos that will inform you as to what could be the real problems that your children might be facing. My Daily Lesson Plans for Struggling Learners are also available here for free.

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Katy Hub writes:

“Well two years ago we did not know what to do with our son….we were recommended to look into the products by Dianne Craft….I was skeptical as I didn’t think it would help my son who could not read and had no phonemic awareness and the list could go on.  I wanted to post this video to say thanks to Dianne and for what she has put together for those of us who have “right brainers.”  I have learned so much.  Here is my son in a video reading.  Two years ago it was a nightmare and now it is a blessing to hear him read.  This is out of her Level 1-C Craft Right Brain Reader.  May this bless someone who has a struggling learner for you to keep pressing on and working with them.  We have been faithful in doing Dianne’s recommended therapy and have witnessed proven results.  Our daughter just started with her products this past summer and we have just recently seen her take huge strides like her brother.”

Katy Hub

Featured Article

Smart But Feeling Dumb

Looking for new teaching techniques for your child or teen who is working too hard to learn? Check out “Plan B”, which is a method of teaching that involves teaching practices that ultimately train the student to use both sides of his brain. It is a FUN way to learn and your students will love it! We, as teachers, can change a frustrating, unhappy year to a successful one by making them feel as smart as the really are. Read More…

Featured Help for Your Struggling Learner

This “The Biology of Behavior” update explores the causes behind atypical child behavior and walks you through several diagnostic checklists to determine whether or not your child has a yeast overgrowth that is truly the cause of his or her behavioral and/or learning difficulties. If you are wondering whether or not my CD set of the same name is the right program for you to follow, watch this video and find out!


Watch “Sight Words” and explore the way that the brain processes what we read and how sight words are often difficult for children to sound out and read, particularly those with visual processing glitches, dysfunctions, and dyslexia. Does your child struggle with “outlaw” words, like “city” or “the”? Are repetition, change of location, slower speed, or louder speech not working? Try Sight Words! In this video you will see a demonstration of how my Sight Words Cards work and the reasoning behind why embedding images into letters helps these children read.




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