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This section contains an anthology of sorts of my most popular articles on subjects relating to struggling learners and right brain children. Many are based on my workshops that I offer while others are samples derived from the content contained in my books, DVDs, and CDs.

If you don’t know where to begin and feel overwhelmed with your child’s problems, start off with: “The 4 Learning Gates: Identifying Your Child’s Learning Block

Then, to help determine what learning gates might be blocked in your child, read “Identifying & Correcting Blocked Learning Gates”. After that, check out these popular articles:

“Teaching the Right Brain Child”
“Dyslexia: How Do I Teach This Child?”
“Smart Kids Who Hate To Write”
“The Biology Of Learning & Behavior”

If you would like to browse a list of articles by topics, check out the “articles by keyword” box on this page.

Auditory Processing Problems

Understand how a communication problem between the brain hemispheres can cause auditory processing difficulties and explore possible solutions. Read more…

Keywords: auditory exercises, midline stability, essential fatty acids, lecithin, right brain spelling, right brain phonics, right brain sight words, auditory stress

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The Biology of Learning & Behavior

Find out how a child’s diet affects the way that his or her brain functions through the story of Joseph, a child who, with a change of diet, overcame his behavior problems. Read more…

Keywords: serotonin, antibiotics, yeast, ear infections, acidophilus.

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Brain Training With Music

Music has the ability to influence thinking efficiency. Find out ways to eliminate noise pollution in your house and what to replace it with. Read more…

Keywords: music and the brain, Mozart Effect, auditory exercises, ear infections, noise pollution.

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Can Learning Disabilities Be Prevented?

Find out how simple exercises, diet changes, and basic supplements can prevent and even reverse some learning disabilities. Read more…

Keywords: dysgraphia, dyslexia, ADD, eye/hand dominance, serotonin, essential fatty acids, midline stability, ear infections, antibiotics

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Dyslexia: How Do I Teach This Child?

Learn about various types of dyslexia, the way that dyslexia works, and if your child has only a glitch or a dysfunction. Read more…

Keywords: dyslexia, dysgraphia, learning glitch, dysfunction, writing stress, visual stress, auditory stress, writing problems, reading problems, listening problems.

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Ear Infections: Impact On Learning & Behavior

Learn how repeat ear infections and repeat antibiotic use negatively affect the way that children process information. Great companion article to the “Brain Training With Music” article! Read more…

“Read Oiling Point’s article to see how to make and use garlic oil to treat ear infections naturally.” 

Keywords: acidophilus, allergies, antibiotics, auditory stress, ear infections, essential fatty acids, hyperactivity.

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Essential Fatty Acids & The Brain

Fatty acids are essential nutrients that are needed for efficient brain processing. Find out why people experience deficiencies and how to fix this problem. Read more…

Keywords: behavior problems, dry skin & hair, dyspraxia, essential fatty acids, thirsty children.

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Fish Oil as Healing Brain Food

Discover the amazing ways fish oil impacts the brain and nervous system including its influence on depression, autism and traumatic brain injury. Read more…

Keywords: essential fatty acids, autism, dyslexia, ADD

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Gifted With A Glitch

Determine if your high-IQ child actually has a learning glitch that is causing him or her to perform poorly in schoolwork. Read more…

Keywords: dysgraphia, gifted child, learning glitch, twice exceptional.

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Hidden Allergies & Learning

Does your child have allergies to things such as dairy and nuts? Find out how to check for the allergies that might be causing them to struggle in learning! Read more…

Keywords: allergies, antibiotics, asthma, bed wetting, behavior problems, ear infections, eczema, learning glitch, sniffling, stomach ache.

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Homeschooling a Struggling Learner: Where Do I Find the Time?

Discover effective strategies for working one-on-one with a struggling learning in a homeschool setting. Read more…

Keywords: Learning glitch, learning gates, dyslexia, dysgraphia

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Identifying & Correcting Blocked Learning Gates

What are learning gates and how do they affect the way that children learn? Identify which of your child’s learning gates might be blocked and what you can do to help. Read more…

Keywords: attention & focusing problems, auditory stress, laborious writing, learning gate, learning glitch, visual stress, writing stress, writing reversals.

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Improving Your Memory With Lecithin

A breakthrough study done in 1975 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that a daily supply of lecithin “improves brain chemical activity.” In particular, they found that it improved memory, speech, and motor problems that affected balance and movement. In this article, you will find out more about the benefits of Lecithin supplements. Read more…

Keywords: auditory stress, coordination, hyperactivity, lecithin, memory.

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Is My Child Just a Late Bloomer?

Wondering if your child is a late bloomer? Take a look at seven potential red flags that could suggest a delay in reading is more than a maturity issue. Read more…

Keywords: Essential fatty acids, auditory stress, midline stability, reading reversals, reading delay

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Low IQ: Fact or Interpretation?

Are IQ scores a reliable measure of a child’s ability? Or can there be other factors involved? Discover why many low scoring students can be successful with the right strategies. Read more…

Keywords: IQ testing, dyslexia, dysgraphia, auditory stress, midline stability, visual stress

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Natural Remedies For ADD

Find out if your child is actually hyperexcitable instead of hyperactive and treat this situation with natural remedies. Read more…

Keywords: ADD, anger, antibiotics, hyperactivity, hyperexcitivity, magnesium.

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A Quick Reading Aid

Discover how the addition of one simple tool can make a significant difference for many struggling readers. Read more…

Keywords: essential fatty acids, visual stress, reading reversals, laborious reading, dyslexia

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Right Brain Math

Learn alternate ways of teaching math to right-brained children through storytelling and other means. Read more…

Keywords: visual memory, right brain math strategy, math fact memorization, right brain.

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Right Brain Writing

Explore a proven method for helping students of all ages who struggle with writing due to dysgraphia or a blocked writing gate. Read more…

Keywords: Dysgraphia, learning gate, right brain writing, photographic memory, Universal Writing Method, spelling strategies, writing problems, ADD, auditory stress

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Smart Kids Who Don’t Want To Read

If your child is struggling at reading, find out why by using these simple, easy-to-use techniques. Read more…

Keywords: visual stress, reading reversals,mispronunciation, eye dominance, Eye Eight Exercise, essential fatty acids.

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Smart Kids Who Hate To Write

Find out if your child’s brain is wired to use the hand he/she is writing with, or if he/she is ‘mixed dominant’. Many bright children avoid writing at all costs because of a ‘block’ in their writing system. This can make them look lazy, unmotivated or sloppy. If your child has Symptoms of Stress in the Writing System, you will find this article very helpful. Read more…

Keywords: writing problems, eye/hand dominance, midline stability, writing reversals, learning glitch, poor copying, laborious writing.

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Teaching Your Right Brain Child

In the animal kingdom, 50% of the animals are right paw dominant, and 50% are left paw dominant. In the human kingdom only 10-15% of us are ‘left paw’ dominant. But, half of us are Right Brain dominant, and half of us are Left Brain dominant. If you have a child who has to ‘work too hard to learn’, you may have a right brain child learning with a left brain curriculum. Read more…

Keywords: right brain, left brain, visual memory, spelling strategies.

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When a Child Doesn’t Remember What He Reads!

Discover a fun method of mental movie making that will help a child with both reading comprehension and retention. Read more…

Keywords:  memory, visual memory, reading comprehension

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Your Puzzling Gifted Child

Gifted children who do not perform up to their abilities may have underlying issues that are slowing them down.  Discover some of the most common issues, many of which are easily correctable. Read more…

Keywords: Gifted child, learning glitch, attention and focusing problems, right brain, dysgraphia, visual stress, midline stability, essential fatty acids, antibiotics, yeast, allergies

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