Speaking Testimonials

Dianne Craft

“Dianne’s presentations were the most popular of all the talks given last year at our convention. Parents flocked to her talks, telling each other that they had never heard this kind of information before. ‘Life-changing’ is how some of the parents described her information on how children learn. She gave of her time so freely both at her booth, and after each talk, speaking personally with all the people standing in line to ask her a question. It was amazing to watch!”
– Jane Gambill, Illinois Homeschool Coordinator www.iche.org

“We asked Dianne to come back to speak the next year, after her first presentation here. The next year we had twice as many people at her talks, as the word got around that she was coming back again. Parents said that they heard answers for their children, that they never knew existed before. She was a real hit at our convention.”
– Michigan Homeschool Convention Coordinator, www.inch.org

“Dianne was a phenomenal speaker here four years ago. We have asked her to come back this year. Her knowledge of both learning and nutrition for children is remarkable. She explains why we have the trends in the increases of certain learning problems, and other issues children are struggling with such as Sensory Problems, Asperger’s and Autism. She is a favorite speaker here.”
– Dawn Brotherton, Administrative Coordinator, Oklahoma Homeschool Convention, www.ochec.com

“We had Dianne as one of our Featured Speakers two years ago. We have never received so much positive feedback about one speaker, as we did about her. Parents were thrilled to hear that there are many ways for children to learn. They felt empowered by her talks. Our goal is to have her back here again soon.”
– Micki Moeller, Speaker Coordinator, Valley Home Educators, Modesto, CA, www.valleyhomeeducators.org

Pamela Gates

– “Pamela was a gracious and flexible speaker.  She was prepared, professional and a joy to host.  Her workshops were filled to capacity, her materials were comprehensive and her workshops filled with useable information.  On a scale of 1 to 6, her lectures garnered 6, the highest possible ratings from our attendees.  Their only consistent ‘complaint’ being a wish for more time with her.  Pamela’s generosity and willingness to work alongside the organizers ensures that she will be a welcome returnee to our convention.”

Samantha Lynch Johnson, Speaker Coordinator, Home Educators Association of Virginia, www.heav.org

– “Our attendees LOVED Pamela Gates!  She did an excellent job of presenting her material and interacting with our attendees on a personal level.  Her workshops were consistently filled to “standing room only”.  I highly recommend Pamela Gates…your people will love her.”

 – Penny Taylor, Convention Coordinator, Indiana Association of Home Educators, www.iahe.net

-“Pamela is a speaker with a heart for and a desire to help families.  We know of many families who have employed the information she shared in their families and were very encouraged by the progress they were experiencing.  We are sure Pamela’s experience and expertise would be invaluable to families.  Pamela’s workshops were always overflowing with Conference attendees.  On the Conference evaluation forms she consistently received high marks.  The large attendance at her workshops and the positive comments the NCHEA received lead the NCHEA to believe she made attendance at the 2015 Conference a valuable and rewarding experience.  The NCHE found Pamela very easy to work with on a professional level and during the Conference.  Pamela gave 100+% in carrying out her commitments and responsibilities.”

 – Nick and Kathleen Lenzen, NCHEA President and Conference Coordinator, www.nchea.org



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